After years of mouse modding / retrofitting, while concurrently designing and producing keyboard accessories and peripherals, the accidental but logical step was to begin designing a mouse.

After considerable debate and testing / teardown on a platform to build around for this iteration, the Logitech G304/G305 was chosen for its sensor quality, community documentation, and stock components.


The DM305 is a full case replacement / mod for the G304/G305, and is being built completely assembled for the end user.

Constructed out of interlocking components with a re-enforced mounting system, the design enables user repair-ability / mod-ability, while maintaining a stylistic nod to the input devices of yesteryear, specifically the Apple Desktop Bus Mouse (G5431/A9M0331).

A rechargeable cel has been added to replace the stock battery, and a power LED is optional. Current light weight mod features (mesh floors / ceilings) are utilized to merge modern trends with a more "classic" design.


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