Boring fails first.

Well, corona sucks. Kind of things are just starting back to normal this week. Lets hope we hang on and keep doing our best so that this mess is over soon.

This month has been quite frustrating. Amazon is falling apart here, shipping me the wrong shit regularly (hardware mostly), extremely slowly. Wrong and missing items have become a common occurrence. Although it has caused headaches and anxiety, I accepted it as a happy accident because it led me to find some great connectors that are in stock and ship properly (see 2/2), as well as some alternative hardware. Yay.

Here is a little case disaster print porn for keyboard friends. I always feel so guilty for not posting about keyboards lately (aside from the dailies on ig), so please accept my apology.

I have been wrestling with this berry pink filament for ohhhhhhh so many more than just a few prints (these prints shown clock in between 10 and 30 hours apiece). Delamination is a huge issue with this filament (more an issue me being able to maintain or figure out exactly what temperature it likes - its been super random and I think this is just due to poor manufacturing/poor mix), and in between the printer crashing at the last 10% of the one that actually looks nearly like a DMG drop-in, I contemplated jumping off the roof.

I continue in my quest for success.

Measurements are all accurate and on point... I'll give a few more shots at this final boss before I give up on this filament brand/color.

Also this month in TYO - humidity has arrived. I had a little wrestling match this past week and a half or so adjusting and working out the fresh kinks the devil water air brought (de-humidifier is running 24/7 with silica buckets). Fixed it back to regular after screaming at the machine for a few days (this is my secret method to make electronics behave properly), but I saved some of the worst of the new light grey to show everyone.

It definitely doesn't help that this color/brand is super finicky (goldilocks temp seems to sit at 187c which is quite an odd number in comparison to others). It likes to clog even 1 degree up or down. I learned not to leave the printers side until layer 6 or so until I worked it out for this filament. Sucks checking the printer 3 hours in and finding a huge mess. Sucks less to sit there for an hour and make sure its not clogged or shitting all over itself.

Anyhow. Sorry for the boring. Hopefully those interested will find some value in it.

I will write part 2 now.

I hope everyone is staying safe.

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