While waiting for corona packages to not arrive, or arrive incomplete, or filing/rasping stuff, or not cutting my finger off again - I could continue to finalize all the small things / refine process / search for suppliers / fight humidity battle / arrange some combos as examples. I wanted to have the pictured examples working. Maybe this is because people always harass me for drawing/animating, or maybe it's just because I wanted to know that I finished. I know you can't click the L/R through the picture but I wanted to have it this way, so I appreciate your patience.

I have been super anxious to finish. Trying to solve problems during corona has been a bit stressful.

As for the connectors I mentioned in part 1 of this 2 part update post, I have decided to go with XT30 connectors (shown on right through the palm pad hole) for the charge PCB in to battery cel. This is because of way more bullshit than I ever thought I would have to deal with trying to order a proper batch of JST connectors but thanks corona here we are. I don't know if its JP reliance on fulfilling stock through CN/TW. I do know that I could find next to nothing at physical locations on multiple days. The cost performance of me hunting (riding trains all over the place for little pieces that cost pennies) was not effective. XT30 connector is in stock here now, online, and gives a really cool look anyhow - so I am satisfied and content to use. I wish they made an XT15 (lil bit smaller?) but for now, this definitely works.

The final lowers are nice I think. I beefed everything up / cleaned everything up. PTFE ("hyperglide") feet. Smiles. Wheel chassis is very stronk now. Please don't throw your mouse at the wall though.

(Below) I am calling this semi-translucent version "off white" for reference. With pink, neon yellow, or mint accent (its really a little greener but I was battling shifting clouds today which I tried to balance in PS before uploading but this was as good as it got.) The standard palm panel is used on these.

(Below) I am calling these "greyscale" for reference. Light version and mid version (I still have not been able to find a suitable dark grey). I have the "grip" palm panel on these for example, but the standard palm panel looks just as good / slightly lower key.

(Below) I am calling these "airmax". Dark has the mid grey with black accent / color, Light has the light grey with mid grey accent / color. Mint green also works with these. Again, standard palm panel looks just as nice, just shown here for example if you like.

I think that pretty much covers it. These colors are all printing consistently, acceptably for me to post finish, and the combos look nice together. Please keep these in mind for reference.

For example - "I want a greyscale light with pink R!"

I have been streaming on Youtube instead of Twitch recently because the videos save there automatically and its more accessible to everybody I think. Here is a filing/knifing pieces video (its super boring but its there if you are into it)

Order prints starting and subsequent sending begin tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your support. Please be safe and take care of yourself and loved ones.

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