it hot

Both belts completely burnt out / motors burnt out. Burning plastic and assorted electronics smells. Controller board and drivers very stinky burny bois. Super sketchy dangerous to leave a fire hazard alone so it was a good thing I was sitting right here and not out hunting for hardware.

I couldn't wait completely so I got to work while Anycubic got their shit together.

Replaced the belts. Replaced the motors. Made mounts / added fans and heat sinks to new motors. Completely tore everything apart for that sweet airflow. Hacked together a controller board fan mount rack hanger thing out of a 100円 wire cabinet shelf. Extended most connector cables and wired new connectors (mostly a shit ton of fans) for easy plug and play.

Still waiting for the replacement controller board/drivers. Checked 17 track and got excited so I wanted to share.

LX186689242CN if you wanna stalk with me :)

Hope everyone is safe. Please be careful.

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