Well. The printer finally arrived. Thanks corona.

I unpacked, set up, and spent two days trying to figure out why the hot-end was oozing shit everywhere. I took it apart three times, and finally noticed that the threads on the nozzle that run into the heatblock were smashed at the top (the part that meets the heat brake?) which was not going to work no matter how much I cleaned it and re-assembled. Thankfully, an additional end was sent with the machine, and I was able to swap it out easily - already being very familiar with the process.

The prints now are still under par, and there is some adjustment to be done. I will go in with pronterface (or alternative) to change some settings in the firmware and continue test printing while adjusting things in Cura. Luckily there is a ton of documentation from everyone who works with these on a daily basis so I have been able to enjoy a ton of reading while I learn some of the basics and move along.

I did a very rough print of mouse bottom, and a modified MV case to help me see the issues a bit clearer. Speed adjustment, wall thickness, jerk/acceleration is going to be a little finicky but absolutely no issues with models because math, so yay.

REMEMBER - These are tests - and the first prints at all aside from the calibration target in the video, and about half a dozen little teeny tiny baby DEAFMUTE badges. Now its time to get into some firmware and settings coronaextravaganza3dprintingdetailparty.

Video here -


Hope everybody is doing alright.

Last night I finally arrived.

After a good 4 day stretch of me cursing and being unable to figure out why the L was not depressing as it should, I sliced my left ring finger off while trying to cut off what I thought was the problem. After returning from the hospital I took a very hard look at my current nemesis and realized that I hadn't secured a PCB screw into a standoff, as I had been re-installing different iterations over and over of the same component - and this was the source of my problem.

Why would I be doing that in the first place? I guess that its easy enough to cram a bunch of shit in a box and call it a day, but I wanted to have a serviceable tool that actually made sense and felt as right as I could possibly make it. Travel/stability is important to me when clicking a mouse and I may have been obsessing a little, but it is what it is and now its done. I also wanted to be able to split the LR arms in two because I am a fan of that dual color LR.

I've taken shots of everything for you to check out. Again, please remember - in progress prints at varying resolutions, though the final assembly is shown below at the end, sans internal upper/lower mounting standoffs. Print color shown is also just the fuchsia/skyblue spools that had been ordered for testing because of their relatively low price in regards to weight.

Fun note or I don't know exactly what to call it but - when I was trying to figure out how to cut LR print times down (they were around 2 hours per piece at a resolution that was acceptable for fitment testing), I came across a way to print an infill pattern without a top or bottom layer. Maybe this is common knowledge, maybe it isn't. I felt like a fucking genius and it looks pretty rad. LR times are down to an hour-ish with this type of infill.


Enjoy the pictures. QED and/or I will be checking in with everyone in order in the coming days to go over details with you. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your support. Don't worry about the finger, they glued it back on and it seems to be holding :)


Hope everyone is doing alright.

Domestic shipping has been excruciatingly slow, but the silver lining was all that extra time being able to suss out feels without correct hardware by way of dozens upon dozens of prints.

Proper inserts and hardware finally arriving (despite a frustrated two day dash to sketchy Kawasaki hardware stores because I was tearing my hair out waiting) brings us to todays dump.

Clicks feel correct. Travel feels correct. FINALLY.

Why are inserts and proper hardware important? I believe in being able to open up things that you own. I also believe in being able to put them back together after doing so. So annoying to open a WMO and have the front clips shatter because no reason.

Tolerances seem as good as humanly possible, testing has been performed across prints in multiple filaments. I didn't snap photos of the others because they were ugly color combos. If you take a look at this photo-set, you can see a little layer shift and subsequent correction in the pink (back left upper lip) which is some belt being squirrely. Learning and fixing and making it better never ends. Pretty much there.

I am finishing figuring out a small issue with the rechargeable batteries now (there was a lack of a buck converter on the previous chip which caused a short over time - not sure if I wrote about this last time so sorry if I have), and thanks to the Quality Enforcement Dojo electronics assistance service in recommending what to look out for on the parts re-order, it seems to be a non issue as of 3 hours ago. Also - I added a pretty lil pink LED in line with the switch so it comes on with the power. Reminds you to turn off your mouse when you aren't using it. :)

Hope everyone is staying safe, and not going crazy because of this lockdown ish.

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